Meet the Executives!

Our All-Star Executive Team brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to Camp Engies. They provide strategic and operational  leadership and ensure that our mission and vision are executed effectively.

Rana Tehrani Yekta, M.A.Sc, P.Eng.

Director, Sponsorship

Structural Engineer

University of Waterloo

Rana is extremely passionate to raise awareness and promote women in STEM. "I believe every girl needs to be provided with the right tools and resources to be able to make a decision about her future. I love volunteering for Camp Engies as I believe Camp Engies is an important platform where I can make a difference and be a role model for the next generation of engineers. As a structural engineer and project manager, I understand the importance of confidence and passion as the piers of any bright future."


Anna Blysniuk, P.Eng.

Director, Community Outreach

Mining Engineering

Dalhousie University

"I feel so lucky that I had a dad and family friends influence me into engineering, otherwise I never would have thought to pursue it in university or as a career. For this reason, I so badly want to convey to young girls not only that engineering is an option but that it is attractive, powerful and provides endless opportunities to make the world a better place! If you want to help people, save lives and change the world, CHOOSE ENGINEERING!"

Barbara Hood, P.Eng.

Director, Human Resources and Administration

Civil Engineer

Queen's University

“An engineer is a problem solver. And the best solutions to problems are created by teams that reflect the diversity of our communities. I believe it’s important for girls of all backgrounds to have early and equal exposure to engineering and consider it as a career.  Camp Engies is the perfect place for any girl to explore engineering concepts, meet new friends, and learn that creativity, communication and teamwork are just as important as math and science. I am inspired and excited by our campers who have the power to change the world.”

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Stephanie Tan, P.Eng.

Director, Marketing

Civil Engineer

McMaster University

"I didn't grow up wanting to be an engineer, because as a child, I didn't know what engineering entailed. I work with Camp Engies to be part of an exciting initiative to share engineering knowledge to the young girl that I once was. Alongside the strong, female engineers and mentors that make up the Camp Engies team, I hope to spark interest and creativity in engineering and positively influence our Engies' decisions to come!"

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Adriana MacDonald, P.Eng.
Aseel Chehade, P.Eng.
Bryn Sexton
Elise Andrey, P.Eng., CPA
Isa Giraldo, P.Eng.
Katherine Britton, P.Eng., M.Eng.
Karen Callery.JPG
Karen Callery, P.Eng., MBA
Linda Chigbo, P.Eng.
Melissa Licenji, EIT
Karissa Palinka, EIT
Nour Zourob, EIT
Sabrina Ciardullo, EIT
Samantha Farrow.jpg
Samantha Farrow, P.Eng.
Ann Gunaratnam, EIT
Dina Chehade, EIT
Janine Hidalgo
Judy Lim, EIT
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Monica Lee
Mandy Weigensberg, P.Eng., PMP
Neha Patel
Yichen Cao

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