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Camp Engies NU 2022
Jul 22, 9:00 a.m.
Baker Lake
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Camp Engies

2021 Nunavut Speaker

Brielle Thorsen,

B.ASc, Mathematics and Engineering

M.ASc Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Queen's University

Brielle is a Cree/settler (Whitefish Lake First Nation) graduate student passionate about social and environmental well-being and justice. She believes that our duty to society as community members and engineers is critical, and this duty includes ensuring that STEM is a safe and inclusive space for all. Brielle's research aims to include traditional knowledge into the design of a culturally suitable Zero Energy Home for First Nation communities. She hopes to inspire the younger generation to follow their passions and not be confined to the boxes that society created for us. Brielle received the 2020 Order of the White Rose Scholarship and the 2020 Queen's University Peer Leadership Award for her efforts.


We are honoured to have Brielle speak to the youth at Camp Engies as she has a wide breadth of knowledge, passion and love for Engineering and teaching youth!

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Camp Schedule





We are actively monitoring the situation and have reviewed the list of essential services. 

Camp Engies ON  and NU will run as a Virtual Camp!

Camp Engies BC is schedule to run as an overnight camp!


1. Where and What is Camp Engies?

ON - Virtual Platform!

NU - We can ship kits out to Baker Lake! Virtual Platform

BC - NEW! We use the facilities at Camp Keats on Keats Island, BC.  

Camp Engies is a Not-For-Profit run by women in engineering. 

2. How old are the campers?

The activities are geared towards girls in grades 5 through 8. You can attend as a Engie-in-Training if you are Grade 9 and attended in previous years!


3. What is the staff to camper ratio?

There are 2 volunteer counsellors in every cabin of 8 - 10 campers (recommended ratio in Ontario is 1 counsellor to a maximum of 10 campers for this age group). There are additional volunteers and Camp staff who help facilitate activities. All volunteers have undergone a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check.

4. What happens if it rains?

Camp Engies activities run as planned rain or shine. If there are severe storms, outdoor activities will be adapted for indoors. We recommend checking the weather forecast a few days before camp to pack accordingly. 


5. My daughter needs medication, should we bring it to camp?

Please ensure your daughter brings all medication she regularly takes. Campers are permitted to keep certain medications (e.g. asthma inhalers, EPI-Pens) with them at all times. Other medications (e.g. antibiotics) should be given to staff when loading the bus for safekeeping. There is a refrigerator available at camp for medications.

6. Why can't you extend Camp Engies to a week or run it on multiple weekends?

We feel that this short time frame allows girls to acquire taste for overnight camps and engineering. We do not want them homesick! It is highly subsidized and thus we want to keep Camp Engies small and exclusive. 

7. I have other questions! 

Please email! We look forward to 2020!